I'm Jakob (aka Jack/XDjackieXD), student of the technical university of Vienna.
I'm interested in electronics, computers, programming, embedded devices and everything related.

My areas of expertise include - but are not limited to:

  • Hardware development
    • Digital communication (CAN, Ethernet, ...)
    • EMC (layout, shielding, filtering, testing)
    • Microcontrollers and smaller SoCs (STM32, ESP32, ...)
    • RF Electronics (amateur radio operator since many years, some work at institute of telecommunications at technical university of Vienna)
    • High voltage & high power DC systems (e.g. Formula student electric)
    • Lithium battery management systems
  • Software development
    • Bare metal firmware
    • U-Boot & Linux kernel development and debugging
    • Linux userspace software development
    • Communication protocols and modulation schemes (capnproto, CCSDS, ...)
    • Simple web applications
  • Linux system administration
    • Managing my infrastructure since over a decade now
    • Running my own AS with IPv6 PI space (anyone want to give me a v4 /24 to me for free? :P)
    • Configuration management
    • Master of the cursed networking setups (aka bending the Linux network stack in ways it was probably never designed for ^^)
  • IT Security
    • Designing and advising on secure setups
    • Auditing internal infrastructure
    • Trusted boot chains on embedded devices
    • Forensic analysis of Linux systems post-exploitation
    • Some experience with hardware hacking (binary reverse engineering, glitch injection, hardware reverse engineering, ...)
  • Systematic debugging (might not be the fastest but consistently leads to finding the issue)

In the footer you can find some ways to contact me, although email will be the most reliable way to get a response.

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